:) Pentru dvs.

Can I have one back, Please??? 


No matter who you are, you need one
no matter what you do, you want one
No matter if you are uptight or smug
everybody needs a hug

Even if you are up or even if you’re down
even if you’re flat on the ground
Even if you feel like you’ve got some kind of bug
everybody needs a hug

Maybe you’re a millionaire
or maybe you have no underwear
Maybe your life sucks and your beer is full of suds
maybe you just need some hugs

When you can’t seem to get around
when you have to look up to see down
When all you have to eat is one small spud
sounds like it’s time for a hug

If you’ve been dragged over the coals
if life is taking it’s toll
If you’re being chased by a thug
just open your arms and give him a hug

Sometimes people are very rude
just because they’re in a bad mood
You should get up close and snug
Then reach out and give their ass a hug

When everyday all you see is bad omens
when life keeps feeding you lemons
When for the things you are owed, you never get paid
Just give a hug and say it's all paid.

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