Falling angel

Part 1
So tired of living
So tired of inhaling each breath
It’s as if nothing happens here
Just slowly awaiting the hour of death
Born with the sentence on my forehead
All I can ever do is live
And wait the creases on my face
To mark the passing of the years
What is the use of youth, so futile,
When old age’s slowly creeping in?
I wish… well, I just wish that sometime
I’d capture time, freeze it within
the cold light of a star, at night time.
When all the world is going cold
I’d be the only heartbeat sound there,
A lively “tum-tum”, never old…
I’ve been told by a fortuneteller
That falling stars are angels
Crossing the night sky
And that the sudden cold, eerie wind
Which sometimes makes me moan
Eyes closed, deep in my sleep,
Is them, passing through our realm,
Flapping their feathered wings,
Reaching their white, cold hands
To feed their hunger…
“What do they hunger for, I wonder?”
“It’s dreams, my child, the angels crave.
Their realm of endless godly beauty
Is cold and silent like a grave.”
From that day on, I knew my purpose:
I’d dream so vividly each night
Of all the world’s wondrous wonders
I’d tempt an angel, who then might
Come down to Earth, embrace me tightly
Not ever able to get back
To Heaven, as the dream, so lightly
Would make him, slowly, prisoner.
Part 2
As darkness embraces the earth
the humans fall into their quiet slumber.
It’s now that their minds give birth
to pictures of magic and wonder.
It’s darken woods and storms of fire
fresh springs and lively colored leafs
It’s dreams of hope and of desire
and grim fears paired with beliefs.
In heaven’s world, silent and cold,
wings stop their daily eerie flap.
And in her ivory castle of the old
the princess is weaving her trap.
Night after night, dream after dream
she sends her longing to the sky
heart full of hope, from deep within
enticing shining angels to come by.
She calls for them, but little she knows…
“Be careful what you wish” they say.
Because as the old saying goes
her prayers will be heard one day…
Part 3
There’s a battle inside
And it’s raging so deep
With nowhere to hide
With no blissful sleep
All draped in white
Enticing princess sings…
Angel, come flying to me
Through eternity
Embrace the shadow of the Dreamer
and borrow from my silent and soft slumber
To touch your arms of cold white amber
come closer, angel, through the sky…
Wave your world good-bye.
Part 4
Secret words cannot remain hidden.
Riddles are meant to be solved.
With everything, there is a given:
Whatever spoken… must be heard.
It started with a sudden dream
of a heavenly voice, of a whisper…
with words unknown, creeping unseen,
each night growing clearer and deeper.
“Are you the Dreamer?” She said yes.
“I’m one without a name.
I heard you calling me each night
and for my dream I came…”
Part 5
Oh angel, I see you in the twilight
You reach your hand towards the Earth
Your delicate wings push gently the sky
Your eyelashes flutter so soft
A slim, lingering silhouette
Of velvet transparency
A creature of exquisite luscious lines
Just floating… just glowing…
There’s no blood in your veins,
There is honey
Your lips so soft can only whisper
As spoken word would break you apart
Beauty carved in ice
Draped in your silky hair
In this reddish ashy air
Just floating… just flowing…
Part 6
The days and nights went by,
but for the princess time is still.
Her eyes peer endlessly the sky.
They say: “Poor thing, she must be ill.”
And an illness it is, alright
Twisting and turning at night
No piece of mind,
no peace of heart.
The princess knew the secret now
of the angel’s sacred place
where twilight meets the breaking dawn
in a lover’s endless embrace.
By the lake, in the enchanted forest
there was a gate with stony doors
untouched by time or tempest,
by nature or by wars.
If I could touch the Heaven’s gate
Just once, what it’ll be?
The cold and perfect feathered world
With earthly eyes I’ll see.
There is no danger up ahead
I’m curious, I burn!
And after clenching all this thirst
I swear, I will return…
Part 7
“I’d freeze this moment in time and go
to any length upon my heart’s desire.
I wish I’ll never feel the chill
that comes after the death of fire.
I thirst for the angel, I lust
May Hell swallow future and past!
Now I burn, and the fire within
Scorches the scarlet letter of sin.”
One flightless bird embraces another
It’s fire and ice, sizzling hot
No shadow and no cover
Shame easily forgot
One shining angel and a princess
Who only craves his embrace
Rewrite in the language of kisses
The holy book of sinful grace…
Part 8
“I heard she calls an angel”, they said,
“that shiny creature of the sky.
I think there’s profit to be made.
Such things are rare to come by!”
Disheartened with a broken wing
so hard to reach the sky, to sing
the angel’s praises, so naive
when truth itself seems to deceive…
What once was pure, an immaculate dream
is stained and to the hunters, I seem
to be the temptress, luscious Seyren,
death of all heavenly creatures and men.
Part 9
All draped in black
The fallen princess sings…
Two worlds apart we are, so far.
You are of legend. I’m of dirt.
One earthly fledgling and a star…
it only gives a world of hurt.
A burning icon in my mind
is all I’ll ever have of you
imprinted deep, making me blind
of all my brethren deem as “true”.
Don’t ever come to Earth by choice!
Oh, I fear for you so much…
Don’t come, don’t listen to my voice
Don’t crave my deadly sinful touch…
All your delicate beauty
they’ll trample and stain
And your heavenly voice
they’ll sell for their gain
And when the “creature” is broken
they’ll laugh in disdain
They’ll burn you at the stakes, the heathens,
deaf to your silent cries of pain…
Such is the shameful worldly womb
which gave me birth unknowingly
Such is the peering eye that burns
of human curiosity
For that which we don’t understand
comes as a burden. Out of fear,
we choose to laugh and to pretend
and call the unknown creature “queer”.
Part 10
All draped in black
The fallen angel sings…
There’s a darkness inside me
Staining every last bit of my soul
Insinuating slowly into my senses
With grueling pain
Slashing the pages of time
Digging deep into the earth
From which you came, in which I will return
Shaking the very foundations
Of who I am, of who I’ll ever be
Hear my cry, surging from the deep dark Hell
Destroying the devil’s mirror of desire
Banished from Haven
Forever damned into a world of sin
I won’t be forsaken
Look out, ye Gods,
I’m tearing down the gates of eternity
Part 11
It’s night. Within the walls of sorrow
Comes falling with a broken wing
the angel. Gasping, he then whispers:
“My earthly love, where have you been?”
Between tall columns made of marble
A shadow stands, in eerie air.
“I’m here, my love”, she answers softly,
“Come closer, angel, if you dare.”
He stumbles trembling through the ruins
Of the forgotten timeless realm
One step, another, towards darkness
No sword, no shield, no shiny helm.
From Heaven struck by cold-steel lightning,
Dragging his wing in cruel pain
He, full of hope, conquers the distance
“I found you, Dreamer! See? I came.”


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